We, dental hygienists, will support oral health education, preventive dental treatment, cooperation in dental treatment, and business management of dental clinic services, and ultimately contribute to human life dignity and medical welfare. To establish the work ethics of dental hygienists and protect our rights and interests, we pledge to the following code of ethics.

    • As a member of society, we abided strictly by the law and will not do anything that undermines the professional decency and social trust of dental hygienists.
      We are committed to human oral health enhancement beyond all ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds.
      We respect the patient's beliefs and will not divulge any personal information acquired during clinics.
      We have the right to refuse any tasks that are not permitted by humanitarian laws, and we will respect and cooperate with experts in the relevant profession.
      We engage in continuous research activities to improve the quality of dental hygiene performances and to promote academic development in the field.
      We will collaborate improvement of social status and rights of dental hygienists. We will also actively participate as a member of the organization to establish the expertise of dental hygienists.
      We have the right to maintain socially and economically fair employment, and we will actively stand against any inhumane practices.
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