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Welcome and thank you for visiting the official website of the Korean Dental Hygienists Association.

Korean Dental Hygienists Association is an organization established in 1987 with the approval for establishment by the Ministry of Health & Welfare. It is the only representative organization of dental hygienists in Korea that pursues activities through the national network of 20 subsidiary organizations including city and provincial chapters, and subsidiary organizations and associations, etc. throughout the country with the purposes of maintenance and enhancement of the oral health of the people, and pursuing projects for the progressive academic training, establishment of the ethics, improvement of the rights and interest, and enhancement of the welfare, etc. of the dental hygienists.

Dental hygienists, after having acquired license issued by the Minister of Health & Welfare by passing the national qualification examination, are working in a wide range of areas including dental clinics and hospitals, general hospitals, dispensaries of government offices and industries, public health centers, areas of oral health in local society, educational institutions, research and administrative organizations, etc. More than 95% of the dental hygienists are working at dental clinics and hospitals with the duties including scaling, applying of fluoride, temporary filling, attachment of temporary prosthetics, removal of prosthetics, making molds of teeth, attachment and detachment of orthodontic arcs and other tasks associated with the prevention of diseases and hygiene of teeth and oral cavity. They are ardently providing educational and clinical dental hygienic services in order to maintain and enhance the best oral health of people.

Moreover, they are putting in their utmost efforts in pursuing their mission as specialists in health and medical services by assertively taking leads in the establishment of the fundamental oral health and medical services environment including installation of oral health center and obligatory allocation of dental hygienist in school, expansion of the utilization of dental hygienists in military bases and healthcare facilities for aged and disabled persons, operation of the Korea Dental Hygiene Education & Assessment Center for the management of the quality of dental hygiene education, and operation of dental hygiene education center program that aims at lifelong education of those who recently acquired license and those with extensive experiences as well as idle manpower. We pledge to always lead the enhancement of the national oral health as the friendly oral health keeper of the people in the future.

The official website of the Korean Dental Hygienists Association has been newly revised to provide more beneficial information conveniently. We seek your valuable opinions and interests in order for our website to become the venue through which communications with our more than 60,000 members can be made more harmoniously and the venue for the sharing of even greater amount of information and data.

Yours sincerely,

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