The Korean Dental Hygienists Association is a subsidiary organization of the Ministry of Health & Welfare, and was established in 1977 and approved as a corporation in 1982. We are pursuing projects aimed at the enhancement of national oral health, and progressive academic training, establishment of the ethics, improvement of the rights and interests, and enhancement of the welfare of dental hygienists through the national network composed of organizations including the 13 city and provincial chapters throughout the country, 3 subsidiary organizations and 4 subsidiary associations, etc.

The Korean Dental Hygienists Association became the member of the International Federation of Dental Hygienists (IFDH) in 1989. IFDH was established with the goal of providing high quality preventive services in the area of oral health, which is the founding of the systemic health, to mankind and advancement of dental hygienists through the exchange of knowledge and information amongst all the dental hygienists throughout the world. IFDH is an international organization with the participation of dental hygienists from 46 countries in the world.

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